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Friday, December 23, 2011


All ready!
My buffet is holding all the things I'll need for my table tomorrow.

I did a "test" table today, and all is well.
  I love this beautiful deer I picked up at Stein Mart
this week.  He is perfect for my Christmas Eve dinner.

I set a fancy table, but the meal will be my children's
favorite...spaghetti, nothing fancy there! I gave up
trying to fix anything fancy.  No
sense going to all that trouble if no one is happy but

This year's theme is Gold

I'm using pretty gold leaves and sparkly Christmas balls from Michael's. 

I bought my dishes from Macy's many years ago.  I think they are so pretty, My best friend gave me the salad plates for Christmas one year.  She gave me 4.  They are beautiful and I wanted to buy 4 more, but they never sold these particular ones again.  This year my sweet son found two on Ebay and bought them for my birthday.  Finally this year I will be able to serve on 6 of them!  Each plate has a pretty instrument. I think this one is a violin, or maybe a guitar.

This one is cymbals and a drum and trumpet.

This is the dinner plate.  

The chargers are an early Christmas present from my daughter.  These were found at Stein Mart.  I think they are lovely!

My dear Mother's silver, Rose Point by Wallace.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas.  I would like to
leave you with a little humorous Christmas story from my
My darling, sweet Aunt Nell was a Country Girl, and she
kept the superstitious Country Ways all her life
(sadly,she died last year).  She was my favorite Aunt,
but boy did she scare easy.  She believed in ghosts, and
aliens and all kinds of supernatural things.  So here is
how it went down:


Dad: "Hello"
Auntie:  Bubba, did you hear the news?
Dad: "No, but Merry Christmas, Nell, it's Christmas Eve"
Auntie:  Oh, Lord save us!
Auntie:  "It's all over the news!! There's an
unidentified flying object approaching Atlanta.  It came
from the North."
Dad:..........????.... :)  "Nell!!....THAT'S SANTA!!!"
Auntie:  "Oh!........sheepishly..."Never mind".

So here's to a lovely Christmas shared by you and your loved ones, and may the Space Aliens pass us by  as we celebrate the birth of our Lord!


  1. Beautiful table. So glad I stopped over from Susan's party.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Your Aunty Nell sounds like my kind of gal.
    So tell me Leslie. Why don't you go out and buy yourself a pill box hat?? Wear it around the house, or shopping and think of Jackie O'. Promise me you will?
    Now that's a very pretty gold table indeed. I like how you did a trial run... everything is beautiful.
    Enjoy your time with family. Your husband is a good man. I saw him ringing that bell in your other post.
    Great man.
    Merry Christmas Leslie.
    Love Claudie

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Your buffet looks beautiful for tonight Christmas dinner party ,and your Tablescape is Gorgeous with your dishes and the lovely deer for your centerpiece you did a beautiful job putting this all together!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas EVE dinner with your family and also a Happy New Year.
    XXOO Diane

  4. Your table is beautiful, very elegant with all the gold! The chargers are so pretty, and how nice of your son to fund you more platesM
    Enjoy the holiday week
    Thanks so much for visiting!

  5. What a beautiful table. Love your new deer and chargers, and the dinnerware, and well, all of it!