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Monday, March 2, 2015


I love jelly rolls! I made both of these quilts with them. I think I could make two more quilts with what is left over.  They are only lap quilts, not too big. The second one was super easy, which I really needed after the other one, which was somewhat challenging. I've ordered me a 1/4 inch quilting foot for the sewing machine. I've always had a hard time being accurate, so I'm really looking forward to getting it. We've had some rainy cold days which made the sewing so enjoyable! I'm trying to decide if I want to make another strip quilt, or a log cabin next. Such fun decisions!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Back To It

Oh!The most beautiful of days. Those days spent with son and daughter and sweet husband. Parks and ice creams and low burning fires . Sometimes I am just in so much awe over the lovely little life I have. I feel so blessed for the love of home and hearth. My beautiful week off has come to an end. It's back to reality and job and early alarms. But honestly, who can complain about a job that gives you a week off every 6 weeks?!  I hope you're having a great Monday, thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

This and That

 What a fabulous week I am having! I just can't let myself think about the fact that tomorrow will be the last day. I don't really count the weekends, because I would have them off anyway. I've been doing a bit of everything, except what I usually do on this week (garden). I've completed 25 blocks of the Farmers Wife Quilt.  There is no way I could do any more. I struggled with several of the blocks. One block took me two days and about 10 rip-outs, so frustrating. I've ordered another jelly roll. I have big plans to make that little darling girl above a little quilt. So excited about that! Gotta finish my daughter's first, though. I'm not going to quilt it, I'm just going to tie it. I don't think I'll ever quilt again, tieing is the way to go for me now. Super easy. The Farmers Wife Quilt turning me from an adventurer to an Only Easy scaredy cat.  And look at that!!! I made dinner. It doesn't look very good, but it was yummy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Waiting Game

This is my favorite week off from work. The February break is  awesome because there is nothing that I have to do. No shopping or decorating or cooking. Just family time and down time and fun time. I've pulled out my quilt that I was supposed to have completed by (ahem), fall. Cooked some little potatoes for daughter and myself, yum. They are our favorite "fun" food, I make them every time I have some time off. Our little shared joy! We were mighty disappointed that the winter weather is passing us by. We were so ready! 

Everything is so brown right now.  I usually enjoy that, but I think I am super excited about Spring, and the brown is getting to me.  I'm ready for some color. Some new green. That new green that is just so lush and pretty. And tulips! So much beauty just waiting to spring forth! How many days until Spring?  Too many!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Dreams

The kindling is all gathered, ready for our little bit of winter weather that is supposed to hit early this week. I raked out the garden the other day, before the forecast. Now I'm wondering if I should scatter the leaves back over the garden to protect the bits of green that are starting to emerge. Our weather is so crazy. It's near 60 today. The arctic blast will be dropping the temps pretty drastically Sunday. 

I'm off work this upcoming week and am looking forward to being home and cooking and dreaming of Spring. I hardly ever cook any more, so I am excited to plan a few things for my family. First up is going to be chicken pie. It's one of my favorites, but I take two days to make it so I only do it when I have a lot of time off. 

Lots of things are coming to life in the garden, making me almost burst with excitement. All my hard work during the fall fixing to pay off big time! I have to really "sit on my hands" to keep myself from going into the garden and poking around. When I do that I almost always destroy a lily bulb or other unmarked beauty. One year I am going to mark where everything is. Really, I am!

I hope you're having a great Saturday, thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Oh joy of my heart! The thrill of going outside and finding emerging growth is so wonderful. Some of the daffodils have big buds on them. Soon I will have something bright and cheery to warm my day. In two weeks I'll begin the fertilizing - I am so excited to be thinking of this! I need to make it two more weeks without winter weather, then it can come anytime it wants. But I NEED my Winter Break and they've told us we will have to use it to make up any snow days. No, no, no, no snow days yet!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rainy Day

Home is such a good place to be today. The cold, gloomy- gray day sent me scurrying home after work, where a nice fire burned cheerily in the fireplace. A little Mexican cuisine for dinner and then rest and relaxation in front of the TV. Ahhhh, how lovely. I love an evening with no agenda! I do want to start working on my quilt, but laying it out on the floor brought out the kitty - plan nixed for now :) I'm giving my sweet daddy a "spa day" tomorrow. A little TLC for him, I can't wait. I'm bringing all my smelly lotions and sugar scrubs. I hope it brings him a little joy!

I hope you're having a great Friday, thanks so much for stopping by!