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Thursday, June 21, 2018

We had no spring. No lovely, cool days. We jumped straight to summer....AUGUST summer. It's been awful - some think my complaining about it has been worse than the heat, how uncharitable! I hate hot weather. It's why I started gardening - just so I would have something in the summer that I liked. Nothing to do but roll with it, but oh how I'm dreaming of fall!

School is out and I'm being lazy. One energetic day I made a strawberry shortcake. It was so delicious that I figured that alone will counter-act the laziness.  I was planning on making it for Father's Day but it didn't happen. However,  I did make my wonderful Don brunswick stew, which he loves (I think it's disgusting looking, can't even convince myself to try it).

I hope you have been enjoying your Spring. It looks like many in the country are experiencing the hot weather. We'll commiserate together!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Snow and Cold and Sun

 I made this same quilt a few months ago for my niece.

Hello! And how are you doing this frosty day? This week we were blanketed with at least 3 inches of fluffy, beautiful,snow.  Schools were closed for three days and the streets were so icy that a curfew was actually issued.  Three days of cozy fires, family all around me and a big pot of chili to get us through. These are just the very best days! Our weather has been crazy this fall and winter - summer temperatures lasted well into November, then in early December -  BAM! Winter arrived with ferocious abandon! We have rarely been above freezing (surprising for us), had many low's in the teens, and a big, beautiful snow fall in early December. I am one happy camper!

Do you sew? I do...  ahem, perhaps I should say I play at sewing. Seriously, I've been sewing for 35 years. I've made clothes, and crafts and I especially love making quilts. I'm just finishing up one for my daughter. This small lap quilt cost not only the fabric, but every needle I put in my machine. But hey, it only took me 4 brand new needles to realize I needed to remove the safety pins at the edge of the quilt. And , somewhere deep in my sewing machine is a dull needle that I was replacing with a new one (four). It slipped out of my fingers when I was changing it out and fell straight through the little hole. Once I made a pair of pants that ended up looking like the one's MC  Hammer wore. When I modeled them for Don, he rolled on the floor laughing. I made a beautiful maternity dress once. While sitting at my desk at work  I was admiring how pretty the wrong side of the fabric was....then I realized I had sewn the dress with the wrong side out. Geesh! Maybe I should take up paint-by-numbers!

Anyhoo - I'm going to be sewing the binding on the quilt and tying it today. The snow is mostly gone and things are getting back to normal around here. Work Monday, all these days off has made me think of retiring. I promised by boss I would work 2 more years (after this school year),  but I'm really looking forward to it.

That last picture is of a huge animal paw print in the snow. I can't imagine what made it. As far as I know the largest animal we have is deer and it doesn't look like one of their prints. Kind of freaky.

Keep warm and enjoy your day.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

January Doings

 Bluebird of happiness...except kitty isn't happy.

Happy New Year! Can you still say that even though January is half over? January, the quiet month. Oh how I love January. Pearl gray skies, bare limbs swaying, hundreds of little chirpy visitors, cozy fires.

 It takes me a while to get back into the groove after the  holidays. So much stuff that needs to find a home, so many flat spaces (tops of every flat piece of furniture) mounded with who knows what. Whee, no wonder I was feeling so tired, ha.  Now I have a 3 day weekend and am humming along quite nicely with my to-do list.

I've been thinking a lot about my daddy. He passed away in September. He was fun and funny. He made up all these "Weir" secret activities. We had a Weir Shuffle (walking and making a rhythm with your heels, we had a Weir Handshake (I'd have to kill you if I showed it to you, lol). There was a Weir Hand-capade where you made a certain rhythm with slapping the tops of your hands then your legs, over and over. We had a Weir Song (Don't Ya Just Know It When we were older we sang this at every get together. It was even sung at my niece's  wedding reception, all us Weirs singing off key as loud as we could. Poignantly, it's the last thing we did at daddy's memorial wake, a tender and loud memory. All of us singing with tears clouding our vision. Lovely, lovely memories.

I hope January is being good to you! We're having wonderful, sustained cold weather. My garden is sooooo happy, and so am I!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might...

Here we are, standing right on the cusp of the greatest Eve of all time...The eve of the beginning of all good things -  on a Monday -  AND the New Year - I'm giddy with excitement and what can be! I think my number one good thing/wish/resolution is to do whatever needs to be done to eat at home more. If I am successful at that, other things will be successful, too, as a result. Love those 3 in 1 resolutions. Leave it to me to find the lazy way to get the most resolutions fulfilled, lol. Ours is a quiet eve, football (go Falcons!), cozy fire, easy dinner. Dilly, dilly.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas is but a Memory...

Evee evolutions as Santa's reindeer (a Christmas present for daughter).

Sunrise Christmas
 Sunset, Christmas 

Hello! Did you survive? December passes in a whirlwind and I find myself saying, " What, it's OVER??" In the past I would be so sad when we take down my tree, but now we look forward to putting the tree outside and putting some birdseed covered ornaments on it and a few orange slices. Then commences the bird watching,I do so love me some little birdies!

Christmas morning the paper and ribbons and bows fly and squeals of delight (mostly me), ring through the house. Then Don makes a colossal breakfast (it always looks like a pack of Piranhas came through) and after eating we... vegetate. Later I'll make spaghetti for our traditional Christmas dinner. This year has felt a little somber. My dad passed away a few months ago. For at least 15 years he came and ate breakfast with us. We were all remembering him with fondness and sadness. He lived a good, long (91) life and I feel truly blessed for having so many years with him.

Now FORWARD-HO to the New Year. Ready or Not (ready), here it comes!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Misty Morning Visitors

Geese can be a pain in the neck, but I love seeing them take flight in a group. Cool beans!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Daze

December is skating away, slipping and sliding all the way! I love December, but it seems I can never relax enough to enjoy it's quieter side (is there a quieter side?).  Rush, rush, rush - buy this, decorate that, bake something, wrap lots of somethings, and find myself surrounded by piles and piles of stuff that surely must have a place to go but I'll be darned if I can get it there. As a child I dreamt of having  the 'Samantha' twinkle nose that could get stuff done.  Wouldn't that be such a boon! Ah, real life, ya hardly meet my dreams of easy, lazy, frivolous times, wah!

I'm learning to use my new camera. I think it just might be a skill which takes a lifetime to even come close to understanding. I love finding interesting things to photograph, but the camera is so sensitive it picks up e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, like a smidgen of dust that's not noticeable but becomes the focal point when you bring up the picture on your computer , lol.  Egads, I swear I dusted that!

Hope your Christmas journey is warm and sparkly.