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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Fallness of August

We are 20+ degrees below normal here in Georgia and it's making me think of fall! All the leaves are green, but the air is totally Autumn! I pulled out my fall table runner that I made over the summer and took a few shots to share with you.  This was such a fun project and I am so proud of myself that I actually started and finished something!
 I love the autumn colors.
I machine stitched in the ditch on the rows, but hand quilted the star blocks and the orange squares. 

Now I'm ready for the hues of autumn and cool, crisp air. Oh wait! It's still August. I'm sure the hot weather will be returning soon, I'll have to be patient for fall's arrival!

Thanks so much for stopping by. What's your weather like lately?


  1. Beautiful tablerunner, Leslie. We've had a beautiful summer on the west coast - not too hot, little rain, lots of sun. The past week or so has been a little cloudy, but I won't complain after hearing about the summer the easterners have had!

  2. that's lovely! It was very 'fallish' for a week or so but the temps will be going back into the 90's this week.

  3. What a beautiful piece. I love anything with fall colors.

  4. Beautiful table runner. I'm impressed with your machine quilting plus hand quilting. I just started quilting in January 2017, so am a beginner. I have machine quilting a bit but haven't tried hand quilting. It looks like a table runner might be a good place to give it a try.