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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter Ran Away

Winter has been bullied out of the way by an obnoxious warm weather system. My poor garden! It looks forward to cold temperatures, and repays with great beauty come Spring. Not sure what to expect this year, but I have a feeling bugs will be running amok and making me and garden crazy! The warm weather also makes me anxious to get out and start digging, which is not a good idea because the poor dormant bulbs get terrorized by stabbing trowels. But there is lots of clean up to do in the way of raking up fall's bounty of leaf litter that blankets the garden (to keep it warm,lol), and a lot of garden "things" that were piled here and there during the great "tree removal" of  December. Many of these are heavy and I've been putting off getting out there and doing the unwelcome task of straining my back. My dearest sweet Hubby has promised to help me this afternoon get that drudgery done.

Goodness, so much to do and so little energy! I've been off work for a week and haven't really accomplished much. Daughter and I had a little "Girls Time Out", driving to the mountains and staying a few nights. What fun! We went last year and practically froze to death. This year we were wearing sleeveless shirts! Good grief!