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Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you are enjoying the season.  From my trip around Blogland it appears you are much better at getting ready than I am!  I have my tree and....well, just my tree.  I put garland on the mantle and   lit it up...drats! Only half lit up.  Now I've got to take it all down and figure it out. Well, thank goodness it's Friday, hopefully I can get some stuff done.

But lets move on to less stressful times.  I give you a picture of Christmas long past:

I'm the one playing school.  My blackboard was probably my favorite gift from Santa.  
I love, love, loved to play school, and of course I made my three brothers be my pupils.  And I made them dumb, too, just so I could mark all over their "papers" with my red pencil (shows how old I am, teachers used the half blue, half red pencils to grade papers). I love to look closely at the photo to see what I can notice.  Maybe I got a cash register, too? If I did I was too enamored of my blackboard to remember. I love the little brother in front in the gown...he had cried and carried-on so much over my grandmother making my sister and I a new nightgown that she went right home and made him one.  He proudly wore it all winter.  My sister in the background  got a jewelry box that had a twirling ballerina when you opened the lid.  Lots of fun stuff that Christmas.  Such bittersweet memories, I miss my mother so much this time of year.  She loved Christmas and having her family over to celebrate.  Hope you're having a great Friday.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment in the past.  


  1. Hi Leslie, As a child, I would so loved that blackboard too. What a great gift! I remember sitting at my school desk, admiring the chalk and wishing I could write on the board just like the teacher. Have a great weekend!

  2. A cousin back home in Canada recently dug up an old photo of her and I with our brothers, many many moons ago! Isn't it fun looking back.

  3. Fun photo from the past. How times have changed. But kids still enjoy many of the same things.

    I read back a few posts and really like your crazy quilt squares. Beautiful!