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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Time to try again

I'm ending the year with a post, in hopes it will help me to post in the New Year. The New Year is like every Monday...the beginning of all good things. Things are always possible on Monday's. Atleast that's the way it seems on Monday Eve.

Creative Time
Daughter and I spent some time making aprons. This is hers and I think it's adorable!
I became obsessed with Bento boxes and bought myself one. Here is one of my lunches:
Top tier - Lemon pepper chicken and salad
Bottom tier - Sliced strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, carrots, cheese cubes, olives, grapes.
I love the Bentos because it is good for portion control
. Also, you add tiny bits of different things so you don't get burned out on any one item.
Garden Time
The garden wasn't much to my liking this year, but there is always the hope of next spring. It had moments of great delight though, so I tried to keep memories of those.
Crazy Time
We turned the garage into a little apartment.
It seemed to take

Tomorrow I'll bring some Christmas memories to share with you.