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Thursday, December 29, 2011


How ya doin?  I"m enjoying these final days off from work.  I've been busy looking at pictures of my garden and making my plans.  I always do this, but very few times have I ever actually done the plans.  I  have good intentions, it just seems days move into weeks, into can see where this is going!

 Okay, so now for the bad.  Here it is...A large spot in this bed that has NEVER been good.  I planted lillies here once but they petered out, I tried Phlox, but they became too spindly, I tried daisy's last year and only got two blooms, and they spent their life laying on the ground.  I had daylillies here, but they were poor performers. I'm sure it's the amount of  shade, but honestly, it seems like it gets as much as anywhere else.  I just can't figure out why nothing grows well here.

The other bad is that I need to do some companion planting so that there is more interest in the garden when these fabulous white lillies (shown in the photo below) are in bloom.  I seem to ALWAYS be forgetting to duplicate throughout the garden.  There are wonderful Lollipop Lillies in the left garden that  bloom at the same time.    I moved two bulbs to the area on the right TODAY (it was almost 60 degrees today!). I would like to find more of the white lillies and plant them in two other places on the right.

Another bad is that big empty pot on the left and urn in the garden on the right.  I am a terrible procrastinator!  But 2011 was the worst.  In my defense, my husband had knee replacement surgery in April and then I hurt my knee in May (I had it fixed in October). I just couldn't give the garden the TLC it needed and deserved!  I certainly hope I get the pots planted in early Spring this year!  And I need to make a pledge (I'll make it to you!!) to WATER, WATER, WATER!!!  I live in Georgia.  It's HOT.  It's DRY.  I believe a lot of my problems might be solved with a regular watering routine.  So here....I PROMISE, TO DO MY DUTY TO MY GARDEN IN THE YEAR 2012.  I PROMISE TO WATER IT FAITHFULLY, EVEN IF I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.  I PROMISE TO DEADHEAD.  I PROMISE TO FERTILIZE. I PROMISE TO ENRICH THE SOIL( I ACTUALLY ALWAYS DO THIS - YEAH ME!), I PROMISE TO PHOTOGRAPH IT EVERY DAY (I HAVE VERY FEW PICTURES FOR LAST YEAR!).

Okay, you heard it here, now keep me in line!

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think we all have times we neglect the garden. "There's always next year" applies to us as well as the garden! Where you've planted everything (it seems) and nothing is growing, I'd put some rocks, a statue, or birdbath there! Good luck whatever you decide to put there!