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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm headin' down the Atlanta highway
Lookin' for the love getaway
Headed for the love getaway
I got me a car, it's as big as a whale
And we're headin' on down to the Love Shack
I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money...

 Well, actually, we were heading down the Atlanta highway on our way to the train station, but I love that song and so thought I would work it in to the post.
We were taking my daughter and her husband to the train station.  She's like Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory- If you don't like trains then you just don't like fun!  The above picture shows our pretty state capitol.  It's covered in gold from our Dahlonega gold mines.    
 Turner Field, where our wonderful Atlanta Braves play.  It's a REALLY gorgeous stadium.  It was built for the summer Olympics we had a ways back.  But now our guys play there.  AWESOME!!
 I can't believe I didn't get a shot of the outside of the station.  It's very quaint - really old.
 Here is the interior.  Beautiful.
 Me, I'm a Sheldonite, I LOVE fun and can't wait to take another train ride!! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMGosh! I'm a huge B-52s fan..Love Shack, baby, Love Shack! I don't remember ever seeing the train station in Atlanta. Neat! Were you taking a tour around town on the train? I think I remember they used to run around Atlanta for a tour.
    Now you have me singing "Love Shack"
    I used to have that as a ring tone on my cell phone, but when we got new ones, I didn't get that app again.
    Hugs,and have a great 4th!

  2. I love your post. Especially since I just rode on a train last weekend. Hope it was a fun trip. Glad to have you back.

  3. Love shack ...that song makes me smile! Love trains too! One of the best trips was a train trip we took through the Smoky Mountains! What a beautiful train station lobby! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great Fourth!
    Miss Bloomers