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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 I thought I would post a few pictures of a little Cardinal that visited in the Spring. I had this post ready when my computer went down.  I hate to waste it!

This little Cardinal came to visit earlier this month.  One of the joys of life has got to be all the birds (and bees and chipmunks and snakes and ants and...well, you get the picture!) that visit the garden.  Birds are fun, no matter the time of year! I had a Scarlet Tangier visit the other day, no camera around at the time :(

My son is a BIG snake fan.We have a medium sized garter snake that is living in a hole made by a deceased tree in the yard.  We've seen it a few times and I will try to get a picture.  It's very skittish.  It rears up like a tiny Cobra, trying to scare us off.  It's very pretty. 

Each year my son and I say we are going to keep a diary of all the cool bug and insects we see during the summer.  Maybe this will be the year we actually do it!  Gardens are a great place to do a nature study! There is always something lurking there, under the leaf or rock...sometimes it's scary stuff, like a black widow or a scorpion - I hate them.  But mostly it's just beautiful insects. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I would love to have a garter snake...but maybe they woild eat my toads!
    I love cardinals too
    lovely peek at your garden

  2. That cardinal is so vivid. Great photos. I really like that glass ball behind it on the second photo. Your gardens are sure pretty. I too enjoy all my nature visitors.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I can't imagine seeing a cardinal in my year. That's so cool. I'd be so excited, like I was in a foreign country. I have never seen one in nature like that.They are amazing! I am your newest follower from the State the celebrates the quails :)

  4. Love cardinals! But I never see them as they don't come to my garden.