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Monday, July 16, 2012


Sweet summer-time.  When it gets hot and sticky, I always start reminiscing about "back then"...

 The HUGE industrial fan left over from a building site that Daddy brought home and installed in our attic (which is where my bedroom was). When we turned the fan on my little white curtains stood straight out and I would lay across my bed and relish the breeze. Listening to the AM radio at night as I lay in bed (I Wanna Hold Your Hand). We swam daily at John A. White swimming pool, I remember a boy dancing down the length of the high-dive to "Satisfaction". I thought he was so cool (he died of a drug-overdose, so sad).  Popping tar bubbles with my toes. Meeting the neighborhood kids under the street lamp after dark. Catching fireflies. Stepping on snails (uhey-gooeys we called them) and having to use fingernail polish remover to get the gunk off. Drinking our Friday night Coca-Cola from the cold bottle (hearing the swoosh when you popped the little clamped lid off, and checking the bottom of the bottle to see whose bottle was processed the farthest away, since we lived in Atlanta, the birthplace of Coke, it was a big deal to have a bottle from another bottling plant). No air conditioning back then, so the sounds of summer were the crickets and cicadas.  We'd sit on the screened in front porch and churn ice cream....oh, yum!  Just plain ol' vanilla that  I'd add chocolate syrup to. We'd camp in late August at Myrtle Beach, SC. Oh the fun we had! When we returned home it was time to think about school again.  School began after Labor Day.  My grandmother always bought me new dresses.  I remember the excitement of going into her bedroom and seeing a big white box on her bed. She'd lift the lid and there were the prettiest dresses, all separated by the thinnest tissue paper. Then we'd get our paper and notebooks and pencils and fountain pens.  Why did we ever move away from fountain pens?  They were so fun to write with, and I swear my penmanship was so much neater!

Such lovely memories. I hope you are having some of your own summer memories.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my gosh ! Our summers that came to an end and the beginning of school with new book bags and all the supplies .. pencil cases, erasers, paper .. but the summer time .. hearing the frogs and crickets .. going to the beach .. we lived on the tip of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia .. so the next land mass was Ireland from where we swam in the Atlantic ... the smell of the air was so wonderful back then .. I would never have thought of AC ! LOL

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