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Friday, July 20, 2012


That's it, the end of my summer.  Monday I return to work. .  My bff  and I went to Lake Wedowee for the night. She and her husband have a humongous camper that is permanently set up at the lake.   I think my most favorite thing in the world to do is swim in the lake. The lake pictures are from this morning when it was cloudy and misty. They look black and white, but aren't.  It's very isolated, you feel totally alone. The pictures are of the area we swim in.  It's very deep - 30-60 feet. I have the uncanny ability to tread water for hours and hours.  I never use a float or noodle (though I'm respectful of the danger of water and always have one nearby). When your head is at lake level you really feel primordal almost.  Looking out across the lake, your feet dangling in the deep green water.  I can't help but think about every B horror movie that happens at a lake.  It's always some pristine, beautiful, perfect spot. And then pirranas attack, or some unknown-till-now dinosaur fish, or 90 ft alligator, or...well, you know.  

We grilled filet mignon on the Cowboy Grill (that's what we call it, her husband made it. He is a cowboy deep inside:)). We also grilled some vidalia onions, yum!  She had dug up some potatoes and picked some corn from her garden and we had them, too.  What a meal.  There was a scupernong (or maybe a muscadine) vine growing that actually had some fruit on it.  I've never seen fruited vine because the fruit is usually at the top of a tree. I thought that was cool.  After dinner I stitched on a crazy quilt square while she scrapbooked, and of course we talked...and talked...and talked... 

They built a wonderful screened in porch.  But what I love is the screen door.  Don't you remember that sound from your youth? The squeak and slam of the screen door is a wonderful memory for me. 


  1. What beautiful photos and an even better commentary. I could feel the water and hear the creaks. Thank you for the moment.

  2. It reminds me of the movie set in Canada of a group of 30 something adults who go back to visit the camp they once attended because the owner is going to sell it. He hopes one of them will want the camp. What a beautiful place you stayed. Keep that memory. xo Jenny

  3. what a meal is right
    I laughed about the 50's movies...yep...monsters in dem dar dark waters...or slime aliens
    30-60 feet
    I need about 4 feet of water
    I sure do wish I could have had your week out looks beautiful and graceful and silent
    except for critters...who make the best noise, I think
    you have some good freinds there...count your blessings girl

  4. Leslie thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog .. I do love my heuchera, tiarella , and heucherella because they do bring so much colour into the shade areas (which are getting larger and larger with the growth of our big maples.
    I have Carmel and many others .. I would recommend Peach Flambe, Pinot Gris,Brass Lantern, Redstone Falls, well there are so many it would take up too much space for me to go on and on about them.
    I love this post on your stay at this lake .. it reminded me so much of my childhood .. and yes the bang of the wooden screen door !LOL
    Beautiful pictures : )
    PS .. YES !! those movies and how deep the water was where you were swimming!!LOL

  5. How fun to spend time with your bff at the lake and camping. Your photos are beautiful and such memories you will have.

  6. What an awesome place to unwind! The scenery is magnificent; the food sounds awesome; and the activities are splendid!! Your photos say a thousand words and makes me wish I had a place to go to like that. And I love the sound of a screen door slamming. Brings back memories for me, too.
    I loved visiting you today.
    Down Memory La La Lane

  7. A day on this pretty lake sounds like pure pleasure.