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Monday, February 20, 2012


How was your weekend?  It was rainy and cool here, but I'm not complaining.  I love the rain, especially this time of year when the garden is coming to life.  How exciting!  Today the sky has cleared and a pretty blue sky and warm sun is drawing me out.  I took a little trip around the garden and found a few things blooming...

I don't know why I don't have more daffodils.  I think I should have moved many of them because they were being overgrown by monkey grass and tree roots.  I'll have fun planting more this fall though!
There are also many plants putting on new growth. I LOVE the leaves of columbine, especially after a rain when it holds silvery water droplets.

Another plant whose leaves are lovely is sedum, it also sparkles with droplets held on it's leaves...

This little blue evergreen has survived the winter and looks healthy. I can't wait to plant around it.

Lillies!!! I'm not sure what they are, I don't even remember planting them! Be still my heart!!!

Foxglove looking fabulous!
 Now I know the next picture doesn't look like much, but here's the thing...I only had ONE survive as of fall. Now there are 3 new ones (can you feel my excitement?)!

Now I mustn't forget it's Mosaic Monday so here are a few to enjoy...

I hope to spend some time in the garden today, pulling a few weeds.  I hope you have a wonderful Monday.  I am joining The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Lovely to see your garden coming to life - we are a little behind you in the Uk. I love the first leaves of sedum too with drops on them.
    I x

  2. Oh how I love the sedum. Your garden looks like mine. Leaves around again. We have cleaned up leaves at least three times since summer. It does make a nice cover up for the garden and I love the colors of the leaves on the ground as they deteriorate. Dreary here all week-end but the sun is shining today. Blessings to you and your garden.

  3. Sweet post. Love seeing the first flowers of Spring, and yours are lovely. Nice pictures and mosaic. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  4. love the new signs of spring, thanks for sharing...

  5. It's so nice to see early signs of spring. your garden looks very pretty! Thanks for commenting on my book review--some veggies are easy to grow in containers, although sometimes you don't get big juicy veggies like you would if you put them directly in the ground. I hope your daughter gives it a try!

  6. Loved seeing your spring blooms and your new foliage. It all looks like it's about to burst forth. Spring will soon be here!

  7. Spring is closer there than here, as evidenced by everything you found in your garden walk. I'll enjoy the daffodils when they come, but it will be quite a while yet.

  8. thanks for joining *colors of spring* with your beautiful flowers :)

  9. Love your flowers, beautiful pictures. Isn't the start of Spring exciting? Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a message.