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Friday, February 10, 2012


There are certain things that are committed to my memory, no photos to capture a moment.  I'm sure you have that inner eye memory that Wordsworth spoke of.  For me, I remember the Fair.  It was a big deal when I was a kid.  We got out of school half a day! They also gave us some free tickets, for about 10 rides I think.  I don't actually have a lot of memories of being at the fair, but for some reason I can "see" the length of paper tickets.  And I remember the blue hat with a big feather and my name in glitter, oh what a treasure! Long after our fairgrounds shut down, the big roller coaster still stood.  It was demolished in the movie Smokey and the Bandit.  Here is a picture of the roller coaster in the movie.  I rode this very same coaster time and time again in my youth.

I remember getting red pencils twice a year from Coca Cola!  We didn't have the cool and interesting pencils that the kids have now days.  Just plain old No. 2 yellow pencils.  So the red ones we got from Coke were such a treat!

Blue denim-like notebooks.  We used to get creative with our pens on our notebooks.  Speaking of pens, I remember when we had to write with a fountain pen.  Ball Points were a few years away.  Fountain pens were such fun! Now they seem so romantic!

Clothes are a big memory...Little plaid skirts with a sweater - they were Trouser style skirts with side pockets and a fly front.  Also pleated plaid skirts with colored knee socks and saddle oxfords.  I didn't get to start wearing pants to school until 11th grade.  My mom sewed.  I didn't have an original "Villager" dress, but my mom made me one.  It was burnt orange and had teeny tiny pleats down the front.  So cute.  I can't find a picture of one, but here is a little summer jumper mom made for me. I still remember the summer we went to our favorite place camping and I had two of these to wear.

Do you enjoy remembering these kinds of things?  I know this is a mishmash of memories...just kind of how my mind is working tonight. Happy Friday to you.


  1. We used to get rulers from Coca Cola, and we had Blue Horse notebooks. Ahhh..the good old days.We always wore dresses or skirts to school even in college. Madras shirts and wrap skirts. LOL
    See what you started? I remember all those things. Have a great weekend

  2. I love remembering these sorts of things.

    I had those blue cardboard notebooks that you could write on.


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