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Friday, March 2, 2012


I think anyone born in the 50's will remember these weirdly cute little fellows.  

Do you think they're cute?  I do.  I loved them and played with them a lot. I still have one, saved in my little box of youthful memories.   I had one of every color.  I don't know what the appeal was, maybe just because they're small, I did seem to love small things.  I'm sure I played school with them.  Lining them up in school-fashion, well, at least back then when we had our desks in rows.  They don't do that in classrooms any more.  And I think the Rat Finks went hand-in-hand with...

Be still my heart!!  I LOVED these guys.  I really, really loved Trolls.  I had several, but I really wanted Bride Troll.  I don't think I ever had her (sniff, sniff).  But I would stick a kleenex on one of the Chosen, and wrap her with it too, in Bridal-fashion.  Hey, I could always make my own happiness!  I was very good at entertaining myself with just a few of my "friends".

How about you?  Did you like Rat Finks and Trolls?  Have you ever even heard of them?  I'm sure many of you younger readers will find all this quite bemusing and wonder what kind of craziness inspired many of us to covet such homely creatures!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're having a wonderful Friday!


  1. I never heard of a rat fink but I remember the trolls. I liked the liddle kiddles, but they were in the 60s~

  2. Oh my word, trolls! I remember those. My daughter had a few of them. Seems like years ago now.


  3. Leslie, I rmember Trolls and had one although I don't rmemember what kind it was. It didn't have clothes, poor thing. Thanks for the fun memories.

  4. Leslie, I loved trolls. I would even take scraps of material and make them clothes!
    Yes, I will be back again... tomorrow.
    Hope to see you for a visit!