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Thursday, March 15, 2012


A while back, Rita from May Days inspired me to change something that had been a part of my life for over 15 years.  If you've never visited May Days, you are missing out on a lot of inspiration.  It was this post that changed my life (I'm being overly dramatic, but it really did send me out on the hunt!). Here is the picture that started it all (I've reposted it here with her permission) ...

Do you see those pretty Spring-time cups?   Rita May changes out her cups for each season.   I'm a creature of habit and for the past 15+ years I have been drinking my coffee from a couple of Christmas mugs that were  gifts. 

 I have loved and treasured them all these years, but I was reaching for them without thought.  Not because I don't treasure them anymore, but because..well, because it's been 15+ years!  When I saw those pretty cups with Spring flowers on them at May Days I went right out to see what I could find.  Did you know it's not easy to find them?  I guess Christmas and Valentine cups are often used for teacher gifts so they are widely manufactured, but Spring cups...nada.  I went to all the usual places - Michael's, TJ Max, Ross, and didn't find anything.  Steinmart - nothing.  I was disappointed.  Last night I went out to buy some white spray paint and burlap (a "reveal" to come in the future), did a quick drop in at TJ Max and...SCORE!!  And not just one cup,but TWO!!

I chose this one for my coffee this morning. 

Here is the other one.

I'll enjoy it tomorrow.  Isn't the rim pretty?

I always seem to come away from May Days posts with a lot of ideas.  
In February she had an adorable vignette in the kitchen (you can read the post here). I hope to add a little pizazz to my own kitchen using the inspiration I got from this post.

 Here are her Valentine cups. 
And look what I found hiding in MY cabinet...
I can't wait for next February!

 Thanks Rita for your inspiring blog!  This morning I enjoyed my favorite 3 in a pretty cup, blog reading, and NCIS (my very favorite program). 


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you so much for the nice post about my blog.
    You did a great job! I'm glad that you are enjoying your new mug along with your other favorite morning things. I always think my coffee tastes better in my seasonal mugs! I think you're hooked now!

  2. It's my eternal excuse that you can't get decent housewares in the U.K. without taking out a second mortgage to finance it.

    But I love the concept of out with the (very) old, in with the fresh and new. It's amazing how small changes can make such a big difference.

    Ali x

  3. Hi Leslie-
    What a wonderful shout out- and a great idea- from a beautiful blog.

    I too like the same things:
    coffee, blog reading and NCIS.
    I also like NCIS Los Angeles.

    Thank you for visiting my blog,
    White Spray Paint

  4. oh, I do love a touch of season
    so...where are your shamrock cups lady?

  5. I love your new cups! I too have used the same cup. I am very very picky about my cup. It needs to keep the coffee cold. Great post.

  6. I love your new cups! I too have used the same cup. I am very very picky about my cup. It needs to keep the coffee cold. Great post.