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Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Incognito

Has there ever been a January more lost than this? Tornadoes, extremely high winds, warmer than warm temperatures, crazy. It makes the gardener in me itch to get outside, but you just really can't or you'll be spearing all those lovely little bulbs you can't see and can't remember where.

I ordered a lengthy list of plants the other day and can't wait for March to get them. This is a Christmas present from my dear sweet son. I'm just about to burst with excitement for the upcoming gardening season!

I'm watching my super-duper Falcons play for a chance to play in the Super Bowl. Looking pretty fantastic so far. We're expecting more drastic weather, and I worry about all those people in the Dome at the game. How scary. Where will they go?

This weekend was barely even there.  I have slept more since Friday than I think I've ever done. Left work Friday at 9:30, went to bed at 10, slept until 3, then back to bed a t 7:30 and slept until 10 the next morning. And so it's gone the whole weekend. I finally realized I had not been taking some of my medications which caused all of the tiredness. Whew, I was afraid I had some awful sleeping disease! I'm so happy to know it's just my senility kicking in. Better get that prescription picked up! Hoping for a much better week (being all correctly medicated, ya know). I honestly don't think I could possibly have been much less productive.

Happy thoughts and blessings to you.



  1. Hope you soon feel more energetic. I worked in my garden for a few hours on Saturday - heavenly! Love all the green shoots in your photo.