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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Garden is Morphing Again

I am excited for this gardening season. Last year I added a lot of shrubs to the garden. The picture above was taken in October, when my garden is usually ugly and messy.

I've removed the garden that was on the left. I could never get it right, and as I get older I want to just focus on one main area.  I replaced a part of that garden with a circle and a large urn. I've planted spring bulbs in the circle.  Behind the circle is a little cozy, shady spot.  I've been looking at some of the cute play areas for children. Our great grandchildren would love a place to play.

I have a gazillion leaves to blow to an area where I used to have a shade garden. It's just a big empty spot now, and it gets overrun with forest-y things that aren't wanted and grow better than anything in my garden. I'm hoping getting a deep layer of leaves will help keep it clean until I can decide what to do. You can see the stumps left from the huge trees we had removed. All the little piles of stuff is where the workers put things that were in the way of the trees. Goodness, I have soooo much to do. Aren't I lucky to live in Georgia where the temperature today was 74 degrees!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Leslie girl !
    I too am excited to see how your garden is getting on and shrubs can be such great accents in the garden I squeeze as many as I possibly can in my garden.
    I'm sure it is going to look fabulous .. can't wait to see it morphing again!
    Take care
    Joy : )