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Monday, January 2, 2017

January Calm

Misty, gray mornings with fog drifting among the trees...ah, January, how I love you! All the busy days of December moving into the soft and slow-moving January. This is when my mind switches to dreams of Spring and the garden and the tulips I planted in the fall; of learning new things, like weaving;  the pleasure of writing in a new, beautiful journal (my daughter gave me a new one for Christmas, but the kitty seems to have other plans) and of trying to get the house back in order (not happening). 

There has been a huge flock of birds coming through every morning lately. It's an amazing sight, and you don't even have to wonder if they are there because they make some kind of noise! They move as one, from tree top to tree top, filling the branches so that in the dim morning light, the trees look like they have leaves, until one of them (the leader?) decides it's time to move and they all leave together, squawking as they go. 

I've been learning to weave. A friend made me a loom using an old frame and some small nails. I love the calmness of weaving my needle in and out,seeing my thought come into being. I don't know anything about yarn. Not wanting to spend a lot while I'm learning, I've just been buying the cheap stuff at Michael's. Cheap or not, I am pretty happy with the results. 

I love the beginning of a new year...everything seems....possible.

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  1. Lovely glimpses in photo and word of your January world.