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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Today the sky is the color of ashes. it's gone from a flat gray to the mishmashing of
every gray color imaginable. It's the kind of sky I like - it hints at weather that may or may
not come. Even though our temperature is hovering around 52, there is some excitement around here because of the possibility  of some winter weather this weekend. We often get 
a little winter precip shortly after Christmas, which makes us constantly comment on
the kind of Christmas we could of had, "if only...".I'm hopeful for the fun of being snowed
in with nothing but some yarn and a little loom. Seriously, it's the thing (my) dreams are made of.

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year Leslie girl !
    I wish I had gotten more accomplished last year in the garden but a few things will look different so you and I are both waiting to see the results eh ?
    You captured the many "grays" of this sky .. isn't the sky and clouds amazing?
    It is 6 degrees and raining ... but that will all change to freezing ... not good but old man winter does what he wants despite our feelings about it? haha
    Stay warm and happy girl !
    Take care