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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Waiting Game

This is my favorite week off from work. The February break is  awesome because there is nothing that I have to do. No shopping or decorating or cooking. Just family time and down time and fun time. I've pulled out my quilt that I was supposed to have completed by (ahem), fall. Cooked some little potatoes for daughter and myself, yum. They are our favorite "fun" food, I make them every time I have some time off. Our little shared joy! We were mighty disappointed that the winter weather is passing us by. We were so ready! 

Everything is so brown right now.  I usually enjoy that, but I think I am super excited about Spring, and the brown is getting to me.  I'm ready for some color. Some new green. That new green that is just so lush and pretty. And tulips! So much beauty just waiting to spring forth! How many days until Spring?  Too many!