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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Dreams

The kindling is all gathered, ready for our little bit of winter weather that is supposed to hit early this week. I raked out the garden the other day, before the forecast. Now I'm wondering if I should scatter the leaves back over the garden to protect the bits of green that are starting to emerge. Our weather is so crazy. It's near 60 today. The arctic blast will be dropping the temps pretty drastically Sunday. 

I'm off work this upcoming week and am looking forward to being home and cooking and dreaming of Spring. I hardly ever cook any more, so I am excited to plan a few things for my family. First up is going to be chicken pie. It's one of my favorites, but I take two days to make it so I only do it when I have a lot of time off. 

Lots of things are coming to life in the garden, making me almost burst with excitement. All my hard work during the fall fixing to pay off big time! I have to really "sit on my hands" to keep myself from going into the garden and poking around. When I do that I almost always destroy a lily bulb or other unmarked beauty. One year I am going to mark where everything is. Really, I am!

I hope you're having a great Saturday, thanks for dropping by!


  1. This year we have a new garden and I am full of curiosity about what will come up. We moved in in autumn so it's all a mystery. I hope the storm isn't too bad.

  2. You have so much coming into bloom. Lucky you. We are still so dang cold in VA.

  3. This time of year can be so exciting when green sprouts and tiny colorful blossoms appear. I hope the emerging plants survive the storm. Stay cozy.

  4. We have so much snow, still. I'm ready for colour!