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Sunday, January 19, 2014

You're My Blue Sky, You're My Sunny Day...

A little Allman Brothers to greet you today. Truly, it is a beautiful day with lots of blue sky and sunshine. This is the first weekend since November that it hasn't rained! I guess it can't always be my way!

Lots going on around here lately.  I've been trying to get some projects finished. I did finally complete my Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow! Yeah! It has been a year, and I love it so much. But man, I"m so glad to be done with it! I don't think I will ever take up another year long project.  I like short ones.  I guess that's one reason why I was able to keep with changed every month. But during the year I kept seeing other things I wanted to do, but couldn't, because I really wanted to keep with the "one a month" thing.

One thing I am doing is finishing a quilt for a friend at work. Her dear Grandmother made that beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt-top you see above.  Unfortunately, she passed away before she could complete it. I only had to make 3 more large flowers and some of the ones along the sides. But it was all pieced by hand, so I continued in that fashion.  I had never made this pattern and didn't know how to do it. I could not find ANY instructions online for piecing it the old way. Very frustrating.  I finally figured it out and realized that the old way is probably a lot quicker, once you figure it out. It is a little complicated in the beginning, but becomes quite cathartic once you get it. Many pleasant evenings the past few weeks spent poking myself with a needle:) It's going to be absolutely gorgeous when we get it done. She actually has another one that only needed a little work on it. It's ready to be layered and quilted.

That's how my days have been going, how about you? Anything keeping you busy this winter?

I hope you've had a great Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. The Christmas is truly beautiful! I feel as you do about big projects, but I have been able to complete a couple by saving them for my trips away from home for work. Long evenings in hotels are great for big projects!

    1. Well, you're going to be getting a dozie of a project! Hopefully I'll get it mailed to you this week! I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. I really disliked the August block, and I kept dragging it out, but yesterday I made myself finish it! Now it's all done, and I guess that block amid all the others isn't too bad. But it definitely is my least favorite! Do you plan on using DMC, or are you going to use the recommended silks? Be sure to keep me updated on your progress!

  2. Blue skies, cozy fires and stitching - this post is full of loveliness. Congratulations on finishing that needlework project.
    I'm working on smaller projects - finishing a small baby quilt this week. Last night I cut out a grey wool skirt for myself. Ongoing embroidery projects. Finishing something would be a satisfying thing.

  3. Beautiful projects!!! Sitting in front of the fire is the perfect place to work on them. Stay warm