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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two Inches of Total Mayhem

People always laugh at us here in the South when we get a little winter weather. Honestly folks, it's not like it is up North. We are totally unprepared when it hits. We only got 2 inches but it brought Atlanta and surrounding areas to a complete standstill.  School buses got stuck in major traffic jams for over 18 hours. Several schools had to keep the children overnight. One of the high school buses students were rescued this morning and taken to a fire station by the National Guard (our heros!). My brothers were stuck on expressways for 9 hours. In my own county we had a fatality (car crash). One of the problems is that everyone lets out at the same time. All the schools dismissed at the same time that all the businesses did. Add to that the thousands of big rigs coming through and extremely cold  temps and what you have is a disaster. There is not much government can do, though all the news reporters are trying to pin it on them. I know they will reassess the situation for next time, but no two storms are ever alike. What they discover this time might not be an issue next time. The problem is that weather is still unpredictable. The storms were supposed to be only south of Atlanta, but it ended up going far north of Atlanta. I heard Al Roker Trash our city officials, but I watched the weather reports and the Nat'l Weather Service kept saying "a dusting" from Atlanta and north. It's the old, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't", scenario. Last week they closed school for two days and everybody complained. Geez!

So that's what's being going on around here. I have been safe in my little warm home, feeding the birds and making a pretty ice sun catcher and watching the news for updates of the conditions. I live South of Atlanta, and work 4 miles from home, so I made it safely, but so many others were not so lucky.  I've enjoyed having some time off and the birds have been a real delight.

I hope you're having a nice Wednesday. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. It seems to me that some people have to blame someone else for almost every tragedy and that is often the government. Personal responsibility for one's well being seems to be lost. Keeping students at school at least keeps them safe. I'm glad that you are weathering the storm well.

  2. We shared your snow and ice problems! Many of our Atlanta friends had a really tough week! I have a few pictures and stories on my blog that are so similar to your experience. Lovely snow photos!