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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January - Packing in the Fun!

I brought in the plant after breakfast to bring on the Spring feelings, I love this plant.

Jeepers, folks! It's cold out there!  Right now it's 7 degrees with a pretty wicked wind chill (somewhere around 10-15 below). I only have one thing I have to do today that will make me venture out. it will last about 2 hours, then I'm back home getting cozy.

After breakfast this morning I started making garden plans.  I really love this time of year, when my ideas seem so doable.  I have several garden blogger friends that I get a lot of inspiration from . One of them is Canadian Garden Joy (below). I love her plant placement. She does a great job with mixing textures and color. She's awesome (I want her autograph). Her garden is mostly shade, but she gets a lot of color from her plant choices. I hope you'll check her out.

There's also been some serious bird watching going on, of the feline persuasion. She'll sit there all day, gazing lovingly. She has her garden dreams, too. So cute.

I'm guessing tomorrow will be back to work. What a lovely two days I have had! I was hoping for some of the white stuff, but I guess we just missed out.  Perhaps it's in our not too distant future? We can hope!

I hope you have a great Tuesday. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. My goodness Leslie girl ! How sweet are you for highlighting me ! Thank you so much : )
    It is funny to see a picture of my garden on some one else's laptop .. I almost feel famous!LOL
    I love your little Jade plant in that gorgeous blue and white ceramic container .. I have a thing for blue and white ever since we lived in the Netherlands and I collected some Delft pieces .. they are so pretty and brighten up what ever spot you put them in.
    Sadly ... I have no house plants .. I tend to kill indoor plants, too much love ? haha
    Thanks again for the highlight .. started my day off with a wonderful bang !
    Joy : )
    PS .. my girls can't wait for the better weather so the deck door and a few windows can be opened for their bird watching .. too COLD for a long time yet ... big sigh !

  2. PS .. I thought I had you on my blog list .. just saw now I didn't but now I do .. must have been one of those "DUH?" moments for me.
    I love that fire place and the French doors leading to the back garden are beautiful !!