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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pretty January

 So much fun around here this weekend. The birds have been crazy! I have never seen so many different kinds visiting all at once. At one time we had chickadees, juncos, nuthatches, bluejays, finches, yellow bellied woodpeckers, wrens, morning doves, sparrows and some little bird that I'm not sure of, maybe a warbler. Every time I try to get a picture they all fly away.  Of course, there were a few squirrels, too. They don't care, you can take their picture all day long. Brave little buggers!

I love that rotted tree. It attracts many different birds. Or at least I think it still does. Not sure if there is anything still living in its nooks and crannies.  It's just darn cool looking.  Two pictures up is another dead tree trunk.  What's left of it is really beautiful now, though I don't think my picture shows that. A hole has opened up from it's decaying roots and I've thought it probably houses a snake.  I'm always a little nervous when I'm working in that area, as I was this past summer. You can almost feel the ground giving way. I can just see me dropping into some dank and dark hole full of snakes, ala Indianna Jones. If it happens I'm sure you will hear a reverberating scream all over the county. Copperheads were everywhere this past summer and they were striking, too; so while I"m not usually a Nervous Nellie,  in that little corner, I am.

After getting outside, and even moving a few shrubs today, I am seriously getting the gardening bug. I can see many spring bulbs emerging in the garden. I've often had daffodils blooming by now, but mine are only up about 3 inches. So much excitement to come!

I hope you're having a great Sunday. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I was watching blue jays fly around here today! Their blue feathers stand out against all of our stark white snow. We won't be seeing the ground for awhile here in the NE. Glad to know you are out side enjoying nature. Our deep freeze is going to continue into the week. I think we are ready for spring here.
    XO Barbara

    1. Barbara, I know you are ready for spring! We are all complaining of our cold temps, but I bet they are nothing like yours! We had a really cold week last week though, and we're in for another one, at least for us! It was great to get outside today.

    2. I tossed a jar of peanuts on my porch yesterday and five minutes later it was full of little black birds who quickly devoured them. With the cold weather it is hard for them fo find food. Nice post. xo Jenny

  2. It's lovely to see signs of spring around here, too. Little shoots of green and twittering birds are so welcome.

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    1. Sharon, is that the fungus (the turkey tail)?