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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy Birds

Do you remember this?
I had to leave the wreath up all Spring because of the Wrens building their nest.  So sweet.  I left the wreath up this year hoping they would come back, but they didn't.  So imagine my surprise when I saw them building in this...
 My son bought a new TV and we had the box on the back porch waiting for a good time to burn it. 

Two eggs! I hope the parents are ok.  I haven't noticed them flying in.  I have a dastardly cat and am hoping she hasn't found out. I don't know how the babies can get out of this box.  I don't think they can.  Not sure what to do to help when the time comes.  Maybe something will come to me before they hatch.

I hope you're having a lovely Saturday.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, my gosh...what an unusual place to nest. I've had them in my wreath on the house several times...also the house finches, but never in a box. I guess when the time'll have to carefully put the box on it's side and hope for the best.Critters really sometimes seem to have no sense at all when it comes to nest building.
    It's almost like our bunnies making a nest inside the dog pen.

  2. I didn't think birds would use something like a deep box, unless they were thinking it would deter the cat. I hope parents and babies are all ok.

    Happy Sunday!


  3. Oh my goodness !! Leslie girl !! .. I have never seen anything quite like this before.
    I would wonder too about how on earth will the babies be able to get out of there.
    I have seen birdhouses that are so deep too though .. they must manage some how but I would be more of a believer if I actually saw them get out ? LOL
    I didn't even know about your Christmas wreath nest .. now that was just too sweet .. and a lot easier to get out of ? haha
    I hope it works out .. we had a lot of drama with the nest on our trellis .. first it was a robin's nest .. then a dove's nest .. then back to a robin's nest .. and believe it or not back to a dove's nest where the parents sat for so long .. over 2 weeks .. then deserted it .. we haven't had the heart to look inside the nest but we have to now because the ivy on that trellis has to be trimmed.
    Oh well .. nature has it's reasons for what happens ?
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my garden : )