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Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden Time

It's hard to think of how it could get any better than this! Pretty blue skies, light wind, precious little things blooming, just plain ol' fun!  I got my Skinny Quilts book in the mail to day. I always get a little freaked out when I start a new project and read the directions. Am I smart enough to make this complicated thing???  What were you thinking? You have to measure 1 and 7/8 inch!  Wah!!!  That's kind of the stage I'm at right now.  I've made several quilts, I don't know why this little one is making me feel so...incapable. I think once I dive into it I'll be ok. Looks like a trip to the fabric store is in the near future...yippeee! 

Hope you're having a great Friday. Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. Lovely Begonias and Hydrangeas. It's that special time of year.

    I think The Botanical Garden Lady was Ann Crammond. My husband loved her. She was often on the noon news before he went to work and he was infatuated with her garden expertise.

    1. Yes! That's her name and she would do a segment on channel 11 news with Jill Becker, I think! I thought she was wonderful. The new lady is doing wonders for the ABG now, have you been to any of the exhibits? I saw the Chihuly exhibit, and the model train in the garden a few years ago. There is an interesting sounding exhibit now of live plant animals. I love that place, and I believe it was Ann Crammond who got it all started.

  2. Leslie we have been lucky with this cooler Spring and enough rain .. my garden is coming along too, but I see the aphids have arrived .. ugh !! .. so that battle will take place .. and ? .. I am thinking I have another part of the garden I may have to redo .. the structure of plants is not right .. it should be a nice little rock garden, .. I too doubt myself whether I am capable of creating that look I want .. so the two of us better pull our collective socks up ? LOL
    Your plants are gorgeous girl !!
    Joy : )

  3. Your flowers are so pretty.I love the Begonia. I don't have those this year.
    I used to worry when starting a new quilting project or quilting class. Then once I got into all came to light and I found that I could do it. Even in knitting...I would not look ahead to see what's coming...just took it a step at a time and found I usually could do that too.
    Let us see what you are doing please..