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Monday, June 24, 2013


Lovely, lovely days...but I've been hunched over a sewing machine and haven't experienced any of that loveliness:)  But I'm having a really great time, and that's all that matters, right? I haven't done this kind of piecing in many, many years. I forgot how much I enjoy it and am already thinking about what project I can do next.  I also have loved doing something small. It's so satisfying to see it come together so quickly. My BFF (she taught me to quilt) and I used to piece together. I would take my sewing machine to her house and we would sew and chat while the kids played.   Every year during the Super Bowl we would get together and while our husbands watched the game we would work on one of our projects. Each year we switched, one year she would help me piece or quilt mine, next year would be her turn.  What great memories!

This is a quilt we worked on together, we each made one. It was easy, only two templates, 4 pieces per block. The quilt is tied on the blocks, but hand quilted on the borders. It's my favorite full sized quilt. It's made mostly from decorator books of fabrics so it's really heavy.  It was such fun putting the fabrics together. Ahh, good times!

But back to the present, and my current project.  I have enjoyed this little table runner so much. I love the colors of autumn. I love the quick-piecing method of doing all those little triangles. I love that I can lay it out on my dining room table instead of having to do it on the floor (my back really appreciates it!).

I better get back to it...I"m anxious to get it sewed, backed and quilted. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. My goodness you are a super quilter. You will have this done in no time. I love it!

  2. Your table runner is wonderful! You'll have it done well in time for fall. Love the quilt you made with your friend, too. Great memories.

  3. I work on my dining room table, too - so much easier than on the floor!