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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I thought I would join up with Favorite Thing Saturday over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage today.  It's always fun to bring out the things that you love and write a bit about them.  Today I am sharing my embroidery samplers.  They are mostly done on linen or aida. I do have a few done on muslin.  It's fun to use the even weave fabrics because it's so much easier to get even spacing.  I never have even spacing on my actual projects, no matter how hard I try. Sometimes I use waste canvas, 
but often I'm too impatient to go to the trouble of,

 A. Finding the waste canvas in all my supplies, or...
B.Taking the time to measure, cut and then sew on said waste canvas.

I work on these usually when I'm sitting in the hospital with either my Dad or my husband. The red one was all done during my husband's knee replacement surgery and recovery.  You can get a lot done sitting in a hospital.  And it's so great because you don't need much. Just some thread, needle and piece of fabric. Row, after row, after row....

Below is the first sampler I did. The stitching area is 8 inches.  I later decided I would rather use 4 inches  because of the quicker results, and also, I didn't want to use up a lot of thread. I still like it though, especially the little area middle-left, that looks like seaweed.  I'm going to use that someday on something that counts!

Thanks for dropping by today.  If you would like to see other favorite things, please hop over to Mockingbird Hill Cottage.


  1. Hi Leslie, I love your samplers. I've done a bit of embroidery myself and I think this is the neatest way to make a sampler! Are you going to frame them? Or are they just for you? Having something to do during those long hours in the hospital is a great idea.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!

  2. I like the seaweed too, and the little flowers. You should do something special with your samplers, perhaps make some into bell pulls or book marks. I, too, enjoy embroidery but have never made little samples of the different stitches -- yours are very sweet.

  3. You are very talented! I love all your samplers. I have to admit that I would have never thought to use linen or aida. That is the main reason that I don't do a lot of embroidery - I can never get even stitches. Perhaps I need to try again!

  4. Very pretty, Leslie. I agree that stitching is a wonderful relaxing time to pass the not so pleasant in waiting rooms, etc. Do you have something in mind to make with the samplers?


  5. These are incredible! It always makes me think I should re learn this beautiful art!

  6. Your samplers are so very pretty. They would make lovely bookmarks. I always carry hook and yarn with me wherever I go. Waiting isn't so bad when you have something to do. Best wishes, Tammy