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Thursday, November 1, 2012


Not a single Trick-or-Treater came to our house last night. Now I have 3 bags of candy just sitting here. I used to send the leftovers with DH to work, but he's retired now.  I guess I'll have to take it to my work and   hope it's grabbed fast!  Better hurry, I'm hearing it call to me:)

We had a nice bit of cold weather come in, cold enough for a fire at night. Still no freeze warning, but cold.  We haven't had any rain in a very long time and I really miss those gray days; but all-in-all, I've been enjoying  lovely autumn-filled days. I am looking forward to this weekend, I'm going to finish up my bulbs and play a bit with some garden crafts I've seen online. I hope you've had a great Thursday, thanks for stopping by!


  1. No trick or treaters, how sad! We only had about 30 kids, back in the day we had over 100. Liked your pumpkins! Thanks for stopping in, Laura

  2. We don't get a single one either - too dark, road is too remote and then there's our long driveway. I miss it! Last year I was in Ontario with my grandchildren - now that was fun!

  3. Although Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the CT shoreline Monday night, my part of CT was for the most part spared, allowing Halloween festivities to go on as planned. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 kids came to my house-a banner year! Happy Halloween!