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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Our trees are beginning their peak time. Today was especially pretty because the sky was cloudy and the trees glowed against the gray sky. I got my daffodils planted today! Hurray! I had to prepare a new bed because I read that they don't always do well in a perennial bed that has to be watered. I bought a cheap little bag of top soil to add to the area because there isn't much good soil there.  I was pleasantly surprised by how well composted the soil was, and I only paid $1.00 for it!   I prepped the little bed and thought after they bloom I would just throw some annual seeds over the bed for some summer color.  I finally got the rest of my tulips, but I don't have them planted yet. I'm off work Tuesday, so hopefully I can get them in the ground then.  Oh goodness, I am just so excited about next Spring!

All this hard work was rewarded with a delicious meal of chili and corn muffins. What a fabulous weekend I've had! I crafted (look for an upcoming post!), planted, cooked and generally just had a bang-up weekend! Now I'm all ready for the week ahead! Bring it on!!


  1. your post serves as a reminder to get my spring bulbs in the ground! have a great week.

  2. You take gorgeous photos. I am happy to now be following you!

    hugs, Linda

  3. Leslie, lovely images. The woods are beautiful! The chili and muffins would be a favorite of mine. YUMMY! Have a great week ahead!

  4. Your well ahead of me! I still have most of my bulbs to plant and need to get a move on. It's getting pretty frosty here! Your corn muffins look delicious, by the way. Hope your week goes as well as your weekend did!

  5. I think we had the same sort of weekend - but I'd have loved the chili and corn muffins at the end!

  6. The pictures of the woods are so pretty, Leslie! What a perfect backdrop for your home! Hurray for you for getting the daffodils in, you will be so happy next spring! I really needed to do a fall clean up of my beds but never got the time so I will have to be surprised with what comes up!

    I'm glad you had such a warm and cozy weekend, your supper sounds delicious!


  7. Hi Leslie,
    Oh you have been so busy! The chili and cornbread muffin sound sooo good! I am gonna have to make cornbread soon!

  8. Love these trees! And chili and cornbread(muffin) is great after having been outside working:)