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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wow, the days are just flying by.  When you work in the school system everything revolves around days off.  I'm  always focused on the next holiday so my year is broken down into two week periods or 6 week periods and it just seem to go so fast!  Now here we are already at Thanksgiving (and I get the whole week off!), and it seems like school just started.  I've been busy making my Thanksgiving plans and working on table decor.  We will be having dinner at Dad's so I have to carry everything over there.  Here is one of our tables...

 I have two more tables to make and a few additions to this one, too.  It's fun and I've been doing a little at a time so it's not too overwhelming.  There will be 16 of us.

I also created a little breakfast tray for out Teacher Of The Year, which I took the easy route on and bought the biscuit and bacon from McDonalds...I just wanted the fun of making the pretty tray.  We have the best teachers at my school.  You couldn't find a more dedicated bunch, so I really enjoy doing this special celebration once a month.

Now on to gardening news:  The garden is going to sleep and I am making plans for next year. I have a dilemma...I don't get enough sun anymore and I need to think about that as I make my plans.  The back third of the garden gets no sun.  I've wanted to plant hostas, but I have a deer problem and they wouldn't last a night!  I have a clematis that has quit blooming, and I'm assuming it's from the lack of sun.  I can move it, but I don't know how well they do when transplanted. Here are a few pictures from August.  The annuals do pretty well, I'm surprised at the ones that produce lots of blooms with little sun.  Petunias and Marigolds do fairly well.  Pentas blooms amazingly well.  I can't wait to buy more next year...I have two still blooming!

Wow, now that there is nothing happening in the garden now, it's tired and sleepy and ready for a rest, these pictures look pretty good to me!!

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