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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Saturday to you!  It looks like fall outside my window, cloudy skies ,leaf laden ground, bare tree limbs...but the temperature is horribly warm!  Do you like it when it's unseasonably warm?  I need it to get cold. Not arctic cold mind you...just cold enough to be comfortable in a light sweater.  I'm still wearing short sleeve shirts, for goodness sakes!!  I know it's coming, and I'll probably be whining about the cold come January, but that's just kind of how it is here in Georgia.

Friday morning was for relaxing and I made a little Fall breakfast tray for my daughter.

Here are a few pictures of another Thanksgiving table.  It's actually from yesterday, we cooked another turkey and had another meal, just so we could have some leftover turkey for sandwiches! It's more or less using the same elements that I used Thursday.

Here is a picture of the plates that I mentioned needing 2 more of.  I sure hope I'll run across them sometime.

Tonight was for decorating the Christmas tree.  I can't find my tripod and have a horrible time trying to get a clear shot without the flash.  Using the flash makes the tree look so harsh,  hopefully I'll find it soon!

The little wooden nativity was a gift this year from Don.  It was hand carved from an olive tree in Jerusalem.  He's so thoughtful like that, knowing how special it would be to me.

I hope you're well rested and enjoying some turkey sandwiches like we are!

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