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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Most adorable visitors to the garden this morning...

Siblings.  Two precious little deer.  What a wonderful little gift.  Of course, I was really hoping they weren't going to come any closer and start snacking on the garden. Just scoping the place out I think - they will probably be back tonight:)

Have a great Tuesday, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I miss seeing the deer at our old house. They say they are here too but we haven't seen them yet. But then that might be a good thing:)

  2. Oh yes - they'll be back....with their cousins!.....but they are so very beautiful.

  3. Aren't they gentle creatures? We see them up the road where there is a pond. I always stop to watch them.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh boy! They may be cute but oh so destructive in the garden! I'm having serious trouble with the little buggers for the first time in 17 years of gardening and just dropped a chunk of change on sprays and sprinkles. Baby was brought around to "case the joint" on Sunday morning. Fortunately my dog happened to see them and barked. This morning I watched mama snacking on my neighbor's yews from an upstairs window.

  5. Leslie girl ! I would be thrilled to see these sweet little deer too : )
    But then it would be a miracle they could land in the suburbs and over my fence ? LOL
    The blue spiky plant is a lavender .. so it goes in all the sun you can plant it in .. and so does the yarrow .. so they would be perfect for you.
    We have had so many gray days (a lot without rain too though .. which is weird) .. now we have high heat and humidity which is not so great for the plants ..
    This Spring/Summer has been the strangest in a lot of years for us.
    Fingers crossed we have a beautiful Autumn though ??
    Joy : )

  6. Such pretty deer, so young and still spotted. I hope they don't nibble their way through your yard.