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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Mild, misty, foggy....ahhhh!  I love mornings like this. It's like a little gift. And for my last day before I return to work! Nothing much on tap for today. Church, then home.  A great ending to a some what nice week off. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great Sunday.


  1. Hello Leslie girl and WOW ! ... I absolutely love this shot .. it has so much atmosphere I can almost feel that fog!
    You asked about my "tradescantia" or aka "widow's tears" .. yes it behaves that way. I used to have the purple variety too .. this one is in the wrong place with too much heat and sun in my garden but it seems to want to survive it, so I leave it alone and it seems happy ? LOL
    I am making plans and plans for the garden .. now how much will actually get done is another thing ? haha .. but yes, enough of the winter .. lets move on !!
    Joy : )