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Monday, January 21, 2013

It's A Bird Fest!

When January rolls around I love to spend my days bird watching.  I have a little table right outside the doors leading to the deck. I can sit in my chair and see birds flitting to and from the table.  Fun! I never tire of seeing the sweet visitors. It's not often that I even see any odd bird.  Just the usual titmice, wrens, cardinals and chickadees.  Usually I have Juncos in the winter, but they have not yet made their appearance this year.  I think I saw one the other day, but usually they visit in flocks.  I look forward to them arriving. Today I used up all my birdseed and had to put a little bread out just to get these pictures.  DH was going to bring me home some tonight, so they are being well fed again.

I've enjoyed my 3 day weekend, tomorrow it will be back to work for me.  Now I'm focused on my week off in February :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've had a great Monday.


  1. Just the usual...oh man! I have never seen a cardinal in real life. I just can't imagine. All your little visitors were adorable! I love all the little sweet birds like that(Except hummingbirds,they scare me) and enjoy bird watching as well! Lovely post!

    1. Oh! I love the Cardinals! Their red color, especially in winter, is so vibrant. I'm so sorry that you've never seen one. They are so fun because they always come with their female and they stand guard while she eats. hummingbirds will freak me out because they sound like giant bees! But I do love to watch them come to my feeder.

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog. Your images are lovely. The cardinal is so beautiful. I wish we had them here. And I love your crazy quilt in the sidebar. Hope you have a wonderful week.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  3. I love bird watching and want to study a bit so I can actually identify more birds. I really appreciate your kind comment on my post about my mixing bowl collection.