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Thursday, January 10, 2013


These are slow days, aren't they? After the bustle of Christmas, January can be a welcome relief! I enjoyed my decorations this year, but when the tree is removed and I can once again look out my back door and enjoy the birds and squirrels, I have a quieter sense of joy. I like to look out on the woods, too. Bare trees have a stark beauty, and isn't it exciting when a flock of migrating birds fill them! 
We are having unseasonably warm weather this week.  The rain started tonight, which really makes me giddy! Warmth and rain sure do bring thoughts of Spring. On a recent walk around the garden  I saw some of my bulbs starting to emerge! That really gets the old gardening engine going! My daffs usually bloom in February.  Muscari, too.
That's all for me today. I hope you're having a great Thursday. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These quiet days of January are a great time to appreciate the austere beauty of nature. Lovely photos, especially the first two with the fog and mist.

  2. I love your photo of the little chickadee on the angel bird feeder. I have that very same feeder in my yard.
    We are having a foggy day here today too. It's now 5:00 and the fog hasn't lifted, so I guess it's here for the day. I still have one Christmas tree up and I'm kind of glad as it is a bright spot on this dreary day.