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Monday, September 17, 2012


Saturday was a beautiful day to have an arts and craft fair.   This little craft fair is held in the small town next to my own, and my father lives there. He takes me in the golf cart and reads the paper while I look around. I was there early, but the aroma of Funnel Cakes was already heavy in the air. Aren't they devine?!?  My dad and I shared one and practically needed a bath by the time we got home - the jostling of the cart paths making a cloud of powdered sugar around us and on us:)   Today there was a potter that I really liked and I purchased  two simple little pieces. There were a few other potters, but my lady was the one I liked the best.  She had a beautiful large bowl, and I really, REALLY loved it, but I just have no where to display it so I passed it by.  It was fun to walk among the vendors and see the different craftsmen. So many talented people in this world!

I hope you've had a great Monday, thanks for stopping by!


  1. oh I love pottery
    addicted to it actually
    nice pieces you picked the blue one

  2. Beautiful pottery and what a lovely place for a craft fair!