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Monday, September 10, 2012


The squirrels must be giddy!

 Breakfast of champions...sort of  
 *update...I did not notice the headline in the paper, I am not making a statement! :)  It's just what was on the front page. 

When I look at these pictures I realize 3 things:
                     1.  I need photography lessons :)
                     2.  I'm really looking forward to cooler weather
                     3.  I didn't finish the quilt....sigh

The quilt I made several years ago.  It's wonderfully heavy. The fabrics were taken from a decorator fabric book. The quilt name is Trafalgar Charm (I think). The original quilt was a Charm Quilt - a quilt that doesn't repeat any fabrics. I think I probably did.  Each block is only 4 pieces and there are only 2 shapes. Really easy.  I hand quilted the big blue border and the paisley border, but tied the inside.  I just realized there are still some safety pins that I didn't notice.  I'll need to tie those off this winter.  The colors are really rich but they just don't show up well in the photo (see #1).

It was a wonderful weekend. A cold front pushed through and took away the humidity. We were all happy to just be piddling around the house.  I'm enjoying my winter cross stitching and made a lot of progress over the weekend.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. that headline would ruin my breakfast...but that's me
    I LOVE your quilt...the blues are fabulous
    so talented

    1. Oh! I wasn't even thinking about what the headline was in the paper with my breakfast of champions! I'm not political at all! Thanks for the love on the quilt. I've only made a few, but it is by far my favorite! I was so lucky to find that blue fabric for the border. It came from a quilt shop that was going out of business, I had to stand in line 4 hours for it!!

  2. Just came to say hello and enjoy your lovely blog!

  3. Hi Leslie .. I am Leslie. Lol. Noticed your blog on another blog and thought that I would say hello. Your quilt is beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting me! That quilt is lovely! I have a few unfinished quilts myself that I must work on! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  5. Thank you for visiting me! Your quilt is beautiful! I do believe that Walmart does still carry the chargers! They go with just about everything!