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Saturday, August 11, 2012


We've had lots of visitors to the garden this year. The deer are frequently checking up on us.  There's a cute little chipmunk that is seen running from one garden to the next, quick as lightening. There's a skink that skitters across the deck every time I go out- his blue striped tail flicking from side to side. Ants, birds, even an occasional opossum. Hummingbirds dine with us as do the cardinals, wrens, titmice and chickadees.  But our favorite visitor (other than the mothering wren) that visited us this year has got to be this 5 - 6 foot black snake.  

My son LOVES snakes.  He knew this one was living in a hole that had opened up from a long gone tree. He spent many an hour watching for it.  He thought it might have moved on to better digs (catless perhaps?). One morning he heard the Mother Wren squawking wildly and thought it was kitty. When he went out to shoo kitty off, he found Mr. Ssssssssnake instead, trying to sneak up on the nest.  
That's one Happy young man there.  

Do you welcome nature in to your yard, or does it freak you out?

Totally unrelated, but a really funny read...
Honestly, I laughed out loud so many times.  I was first guided there by Angry Chicken, she only laughed 3 times, but it must be because the kids were interrupting. I found it the funniest thing I've read in ages. Go have a laugh.

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  1. Oh, snakes are not my favorite critters. I have not seen any in or around my garden. If they are there I'd rather not know about it. I did see a large toad the other day, and chipmunks are a bit too bold in my garden. They ate most of our squash seeds the day after they were planted! Chipmunks are very cute, though. When my daughters were teenagers, they trained some of our chipmunks to eat sunflower seeds out of their hands!

    1. I didn't have much of a choice, having a son who brought all manner of nature into our home:) Luckily the chipmunk hasn't eaten anything, but I'm going to plant tulips this year, so hopefully they won't eat them - it will be all out war if they do!!:) That's wonderful about your daughters training them to eat out of their hands!

  2. I love having wildlife in my yard.We have lots of birds, squirrels, raccoon, groundhogs, deer sometimes and even snakes. I would not want to hold one but as long as they are outside I am alright with the snakes. Maybe they help keep the mouse population under control. Great post and photos.

  3. This post made me giggle because I can relate well to it. My kids love finding snakes. So far they've only been finding garter snakes. I don't love creepy, crawly critters. But, I love taking photos of them - as long as they keep their distance. I have many photos just this summer of my kids & their snake finds.