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Thursday, June 21, 2018

We had no spring. No lovely, cool days. We jumped straight to summer....AUGUST summer. It's been awful - some think my complaining about it has been worse than the heat, how uncharitable! I hate hot weather. It's why I started gardening - just so I would have something in the summer that I liked. Nothing to do but roll with it, but oh how I'm dreaming of fall!

School is out and I'm being lazy. One energetic day I made a strawberry shortcake. It was so delicious that I figured that alone will counter-act the laziness.  I was planning on making it for Father's Day but it didn't happen. However,  I did make my wonderful Don brunswick stew, which he loves (I think it's disgusting looking, can't even convince myself to try it).

I hope you have been enjoying your Spring. It looks like many in the country are experiencing the hot weather. We'll commiserate together!


  1. That's one sensational strawberry shortcake photo! Gorgeous! School is not quite over yet here - just a few more days to go. I'm busy writing report cards. Then I hope to be lazy for a couple of days. Our weather is not very hot, today there's a rather chilly breeze blowing in from the ocean.

  2. Leslie you are a strawberry shortcake queen ! It looks amazing .. now all I can think of is THAT ! LOL ... hey I am in sympathy with you about the heat .. I hate heat/humidity , but so far we have been lucky for some unknown reason it hasn't been oppressive yet!
    But you are so right about "what has happened to Spring" .. we never get a real one any more .. and ? yes .. already ... roll on Fall .. now how awful is that.
    I think this past wicked winter put a thumbs down on this year for the garden with me .. it was so cruel to my Japanese maples .. lost a few plants as well .. I was discouraged before I started ? haha .. Oh well ... maybe next year will be better.
    Nice pictures girl !