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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Snow and Cold and Sun

 I made this same quilt a few months ago for my niece.

Hello! And how are you doing this frosty day? This week we were blanketed with at least 3 inches of fluffy, beautiful,snow.  Schools were closed for three days and the streets were so icy that a curfew was actually issued.  Three days of cozy fires, family all around me and a big pot of chili to get us through. These are just the very best days! Our weather has been crazy this fall and winter - summer temperatures lasted well into November, then in early December -  BAM! Winter arrived with ferocious abandon! We have rarely been above freezing (surprising for us), had many low's in the teens, and a big, beautiful snow fall in early December. I am one happy camper!

Do you sew? I do...  ahem, perhaps I should say I play at sewing. Seriously, I've been sewing for 35 years. I've made clothes, and crafts and I especially love making quilts. I'm just finishing up one for my daughter. This small lap quilt cost not only the fabric, but every needle I put in my machine. But hey, it only took me 4 brand new needles to realize I needed to remove the safety pins at the edge of the quilt. And , somewhere deep in my sewing machine is a dull needle that I was replacing with a new one (four). It slipped out of my fingers when I was changing it out and fell straight through the little hole. Once I made a pair of pants that ended up looking like the one's MC  Hammer wore. When I modeled them for Don, he rolled on the floor laughing. I made a beautiful maternity dress once. While sitting at my desk at work  I was admiring how pretty the wrong side of the fabric was....then I realized I had sewn the dress with the wrong side out. Geesh! Maybe I should take up paint-by-numbers!

Anyhoo - I'm going to be sewing the binding on the quilt and tying it today. The snow is mostly gone and things are getting back to normal around here. Work Monday, all these days off has made me think of retiring. I promised by boss I would work 2 more years (after this school year),  but I'm really looking forward to it.

That last picture is of a huge animal paw print in the snow. I can't imagine what made it. As far as I know the largest animal we have is deer and it doesn't look like one of their prints. Kind of freaky.

Keep warm and enjoy your day.


  1. I think those snow days are gifts! We have all too few of them here where it rarely snows. I'm still hopeful!
    Had to laugh at your sewing stories. We all have them! I, too, am planning to work two more school years after this one. And although I don't want to let my head go to retirement too fast, sometimes it's very tantalizing!

  2. Hello Leslie girl and WOW ! what on earth made that print in the snow would make me very nervous too .. it is HUGE !!
    We have thawed out a bit here too .. went up to 6, I think.
    Hey you are way ahead of me when it comes to sewing .. I don't .. but I admire people who have the gift .. making unique things is a very special talent .. enjoy!
    Hey what if you did retire earlier ... ENJOY your life ... no one ever said they wished they had worked more ? LOL
    Take care
    Joy : )