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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Winds of Irma

Hello! Keeping dry? The windy, rainy bands of Irma have arrived. It's a frightening sight to behold when a sudden strong gust wrestles the trees to an angle where you are sure they are going to snap. I have never experienced these tropical storm winds before and must admit I've been a bit wary. I do like the way the raindrops bombard the window and make a hazy garden picture. Our lights have been flickering, and many of our close neighbors have lost their power, but so far we've managed to stay connected. And even though it's only September, and even though the temperature isn't cold, and even though we are running the air conditioning...we have a cozy fire going - just in case we do lose power and need to cook (or heat up) dinner. Hoping everyone is safe tonight.


  1. Hopefully your power stayed on. sitting in front of that cozy fire seems like a great place to relax through Irma.

  2. It's terribly frightening. Thanks for the info about the ants. They did it again, as well! Another colony beside the goldfish pond, at the same time. The frog was quite pleased.