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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rain and The Farmer's Wife

No amount of nasty weather is going to keep a quilter from her appointed rounds...namely, going to bff's house to start The Farmer's Wife quilt. One block done.  Sure hope it goes better with the other 110 blocks! This was my first try at paper piecing, and I felt like a second grader trying to learn borrowing. I made two major mistakes with the block, though it still works and I didn't have to correct it. The side pieces should be turned the other way, and I didn't have enough of the center strip fabric and had to use something different for the lighter triangles. You figure it out as you go, I guess (hope!). This is going to be a lap quilt made from some of the fabrics I used in the table runner I made last year. Lovely fall colors (my favorite!). This one is for my daughter. I will make another one for my son (whose color choices will be much less to my liking!).

The rain has moved on and sunshine is abundant today. Hope I can get rid of this allergy/cold/misery soon! I've got so much to do! 

I hope you're having a great Tuesday, thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. I really enjoyed your rainy photos. Living in the desert, we don't have rain like that very often. We usually have a few drops that last for 10 minutes or less and then the concrete is dry 10 minutes later. Or else we have the monsoon which dumps a ton of rain in 10 minutes and then the concrete is dry in 30 minutes! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Vicki, I love our rainy days! I don't think I could live where there wasn't a lot of rain. I laughed out loud over "monsoon...dry in 30 minutes". Funny! But I also know the desert has it's own beauty!

    2. Here in Aruba, the need rain's been a very dry year!!!...:)JP

  2. Rainy days are perfect for quilting. The block looks intricate, but paper piecing makes it easy - I hope.