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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Garden News

I'm so excited to show you my "new" garden. After years of trying to get grass to grow, we finally decided to go a different route. Now we're all happy, because there is a reduced area to mow, and it honestly looks soooo much better.  Here is a before picture, red dirt in all it's ugliness...

And here are a few shots of after...

I am so excited about this. My dear, sweet husband did all this by himself. I have been sick all week and wouldn't even come outside until today! The pollen has been terrible this year, and I've really suffered. But I have my beautiful garden to make it not seem so awful!  Now he's nursing a sore back, but I gladly rub ointment on it, after all he's done for me this week!

I hope you're having a great Saturday, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Leslie girl the transformation is absolutely gorgeous !
    It makes your garden look totally different in a beautiful way : )
    It reminds me of the gardens in Holland (although they never had that much space) .. I always loved the crunch of pea gravel under foot.
    You are way ahead of us in garden growth ... husband and I just did two days worth of cleaning up the gardens .. now the rain is coming for which I am grateful .. it has been so warm , the moisture will really push the growth up even faster.
    I love your little garden cart too!
    Wonderful before and after pictures : )
    Hope you are feeling better !

  2. Wow Leslie the pea gravel looks wonderful, what a great change! And I'm absolutely in love with the shape of your Virburnum opolus roseum. I have one of these too in my garden and love it, but it's not as full and pretty as yours. Thanks for stopping my blog this week and leaving such a nice comment! I always love to see long time garden blogging friends again :) Sending you happy May garden wishes, Carola