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Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun Time!

It's just so darn exciting - seeing the garden come to life.  I can't stay inside long.  I go out and walk, do a bit, then come back inside.  Ten minutes later I'm out again.  I find I am struggling more and more in the garden.  My knees will no longer allow me to stoop, so I have to bend, which then aggravates my back!  But I am determined! I sit on my bottom and scoot along.  Sure hope no one is spying when it's time to get up - what a comical sight it must be!

I'm loving the tulips and am already making plans for next year!  I've just noticed a pretty iris blooming where there are no tulips! Must correct that next year!  After the tulips are done I usually pull them and plant impatience in their place.  Last year my impatience got a disease. I'm wondering if the soil is ruined.  I will just have to plant some and see.  But I will put some in pots just in case.  Right now there are only begonias at the nurseries.  I love them also, they do beautifully in my pots.  Such a pretty color to dot around the garden.  Such fun planning all this!  I will definitely be making a trip to the garden store, my first day of Spring Break.

I am participating in Mosaic Monday and Outdoor Wednesday this week.  I hope you are having a lovely Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I know exactly how your feel, get down and I can't get up. have everything you can think of for kneeling, pulling yourself up and I even have a little rolling bench you can set on and roll around. But it is so low need my bench to pull myself up. LOL I also go out and putter around and then come back in and then go back out again.
    Your garden is lovely - enjoy your self.
    Happy Spring

  2. I so agree ~ this is an exciting time to be in the garden. Something new every day.
    Your flowers all look so pretty. I love the colors. My tulips are getting close to blooming and I can hardly wait.
    I can totally relate to what you said about the aches and pains involved with working in the garden. For a minute there I thought you were describing me. LOL.

  3. so glad you visited my blog as it led me to yours- your flowers are amazing- it's still a bit brown and drab where I live in Pa- so this virtual garden tour was just what I needed-
    a new follower-