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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This makes me so happy! This is a picture of my desk at work.  One of my co-workers gave me the flower bouquet. I had confided to her that I had been feeling a little blue lately.  She is so thoughtful!.  She also gifted me with the little turtle. Isn't it adorable?  She brought it back from Grand Cayman last summer.  I just love it.  It sits on my desk and smiles at me all day long.  How can you feel blue when you work with such lovely people?
I have Friday off this week.  I'm looking forward to a nice 3 day weekend. A little garden time, a little stitching time, fun! Spring- like weather is expected, too! I've got a lot of weeds to pull, better eat my Wheaties! Hope you're having a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Isn't it remarkable, how one kind gesture can change the feel of an entire day? I hope you enjoy your three day weekend!

  2. Awww. What a sweet friend. I hope your three-day weekend is restorative. Sounds like you are planning activities that will be just that.

  3. It's so lovely when co-workers understand your moods and act on them to help make things just that bit better. The flowers are so cheery and I just love that turtle! Thank you for the visit to my blog and your kind comments. One turn deserves another, I am your newest follower and it's lovely to blog meet you! Take care. Chel x

  4. How lovely! this put a big smile on my face. Nothing like a bit of throughtful kindness to brighten your day

  5. Leslie girl ! Don't give up on that heuchera yet !! .. it probably got shocked and just went through a withdrawal stage .. the very root of it could still be good even if the stems are squishy .. so don't tear it out yet .. do you have consistently warmer temps yet ? .. is it above freezing at night ? .. if the area around the heuchera is bone dry I would put a little warm water around it just to soften the soil and quench it a bit.
    I am sure you can have some pretty heuchera there (what zone are you in again ?)
    Have you tried some brunnera ? "Jack Frost" is a really pretty one that can light up a darker corner or area of your garden ..
    My hellebore bed looks like a total disaster .. if you saw that right now you would think they were all dead .. but once my weather stabilizes I will cut out the dead foliage to let the new leaves come in easier and get rid of what looks so ugly.
    I love your turtles ! they are so sweet you do have to smile when you look at them .. your co-worker was very thoughtful indeed : ) that is so nice to see !
    Take heart about the garden girl ... I will get you through it ! LOL