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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Pretty skies, cold and windy.  Snow flurries.  Wild and crazy around here! I'm sitting in my chair, looking out the back door at the trees swaying wildly. I have my rice sock wrapped around my neck. It's so nice and cozy warm.  Have you ever had a rice sock?  One of my co-workers made me one. You heat it in the microwave for two minutes.  Ahhh, bliss! Everyone should have a rice sock! You can mold it around your neck or knee or wrist.  Where ever you ache.  I kept finding mine around my DH's neck, so I made him one for Christmas.  We both take them to bed.  Funny! 

Getting geared up for some Spring cleaning in the garden.  I'm thinking this weekend might be good.  Our flowering trees are budding out.  Regardless of the cold, nature knows it's time!

I hope you're having a great Wednesday.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I had something similar to your rice sock and I can't remember we I bought it. it also had herbs in it that made it smell soooo good! I loved it on my neck because I get the ache there when I'm stressed out.

    Beautiful pictures of the sky! :)


    1. Jane, my coworker just took a great big man's white cotton knee sock and filled it with rice and tied the top. I love the idea of putting something good smelling in it! I use mine a lot on my neck, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night with my neck aching! It's worth a trip to the microwave at 3:00 a.m.:)

  2. Lovely sky photos - it's always so different, isn't it?
    I have a rice bag and a flax bag. Both are wonderful. They ease the sore spots so well, and are cozy besides.
    Rain here. Would be nice to do some gardening this weekend. The yard sure needs it here.
    Stay cozy.

  3. Beautiful sky photos. I would love to sit on the porch with a rice sock around my neck and watch the sky and the tree branches move in the wind. Sounds relaxing and soothing for your neck. We still have snow on the ground on the temp was 36 today so at least above freezing.

  4. wonderful need a placemat!

  5. Hello Leslie girl !
    You are way ahead of us with no snow and better weather .. I have about a foot of snow in the gardens yet to get rid of .. and it makes me crazy when people talk about garden clean up .. no chance for me for a long time yet ..
    Love those skies you caught ! .. it must have been so beautiful to see in person .. we might start getting some pretty morning skies in a few more weeks .. usually happens in April .. fingers crossed .. each year is different though ..
    I am the opposite .. I need an ice bag on my neck and a heating pad on my lower back .. can be a tricky balancing act ? haha
    Funny remark about needing the place mat ! haha
    Joy : )

  6. Thanks for your always kind encouragement, Leslie! Oh, and your photo has me hungry for eggs! :)