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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Starting in August, my days are so full. First the return to school, then birthdays come in September and October. Fall comes, then Thanksgiving and finally, Christmas. It seems that it's a constant flash of ideas and celebrations and business. Then the day after Christmas it all just comes to a stop. Calm, quiet, no where to go, nothing to do. Almost immediately my mind goes back to the garden, to nature, to trees and sky-watching, which brings me to the picture above.  I happened to look out the window and saw the dark, dark clouds as a backdrop to the sun shining on the trees. It was so beautiful! I ran to get the camera and  I got one shot before the sun hid itself behind the clouds. I probably wouldn't even have noticed it a week earlier! While this Christmas was one of my most pleasant, I am happy to have the calmer days again. Days where I will find joy in such simple things as dark clouds and sunlight. 

I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. I am joining Favorite Thing Saturday at Mockingbird Hill Cottage. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Oh, I feel exactly like this. You put it so well. These two weeks after Christmas are just dreamy and quiet for me. It's a wonderful way to begin the new year! Beautiful photo!

    1. Karen, glad to know someone else enjoys the quiet of these days! I am going to leave my tree up until New Years day, though. I just hate taking it down!

  2. Leslie we are so connected to the impact of what we see for those few moments .. I feel what you must have felt too .. it takes your breath away doesn't it ?
    We are so lucky to truly be in awe of such sights when so many people pass them by without a thought .. how empty their lives must be and how blessed we are to see small miracles almost every day like this .. if our timing is right ? LOL
    Timing is everything when trying to capture that special moment.
    Well done you !!
    Happy New Year girl : )

  3. That is an amazing photo of the sun shining on the trees through the clouds. I know what you mean about busy and then so quiet. Great blog. I'll be your newest follower.
    Happy New Year!

    The French Hutch