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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy Saturday!  How was your week?  Are you having success on your resolutions?  I didn't resolve to lose weight, but it is the top thing on my "What I would really like to accomplish this year even though I won't make it a resolution (and thus setting myself up for immediate failure)." So.....I've had some success.  Yeah me! We also are celebrating a good report from my ultrasound (thyroid). Double Yeah!

We had some really cold weather (see last post), but now it is warming up nicely...nice enough to go for a stroll after dinner last night.  Daughter, dog (Juri) , kitty (Doozie), Don and I strolled down the street.  Juri and Doozie always accompany us.  This picture is very bright, it was actually much darker out.  I just don't know how to set up a camera (it's also blurry, sorry).

This is more like it. Wasn't it a beautiful evening sky?

The moon is almost full.  I love seeing it peeking out behind branches.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday.  I'm still enjoying the birds visiting my bird friendly Christmas tree.  Rain is in the forecast so I might have to take it down.  You can see the post about it here.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks so much for visiting. That night sky is indeed beautiful. Don't apologize for your photos -- half of mine are always on the wrong setting!

    I am now following.

  2. Looks like a fun walk. Nothing like taking the whole family cats and dogs included out.

  3. Thanks for the visit and kind comments. your photos are beautiful and there's nothing more beautiful than the winter sunsets. Dianne

  4. A nice time to talk a walk and enjoy that lovely sky. Beautiful captures. I would enjoy seeign the birds at your birdie Christmas tree. Great photos, Happy Sunday!

  5. Pretty place to walk. I love the moon shots. I think seeing a full moon is like seeing an old friend - it's very calming to me. Have a great weekend.

  6. Leslie,
    Love your photos, and especially the ones with the moon through the trees.